Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Car?

If you have been reading my blog longer than 6 months you will perhaps have remembered THIS post about our "new" car.

I mentioned in that post that the black honda was the seventh car Trevor and I have owned since getting married.

Can you believe that since then we sold Louis (the black honda)? 
It's because Trevor hit an air-pump on the freeway (it fell out of a guys truck) and did a bit of damage. 

One thing about Trevor is that he LOVES cars! And the best thing about that is that he is really good at fixing and working on cars. When he looks under a cars hood, he knows what he's looking at. 

Well he knew it would take too much time and money to fix the honda and it wasn't worth it to him so we sold it. 

He told me that I could pick out the car this time since I would be driving it. 
I told him I just wanted something that had a bench seat in the front, a roomy backseat, and good trunk space.... I like my space. 

So when he came home from work one day and I told him I had found the most perfect car for exactly the right price. He could tell I was really excited about it. 

Here is where we learned a little bit about April, and a little bit about Trevor:

I pulled up the listing on

A 1986 Cadillac Deville 

His face fell.

Trev: Are you serious?
Ape: Yeah! Of Course! Look how great it is, it has the room I want and only 75,000 miles and it's only $1,500!
Trev: But it's a grandma car. 
Ape: Exactly! Don't you love it?!
Trev: It doesn't look very good.
Ape: It looks great.
Trev: No, it's not good looking.
Ape: So?

That's when we both realized that Trevor cared what a car looked like on the outside and April did not. 

Somehow, Trevor thought that the beautiful big truck he drove when we dated / got married played a factor in my attraction to him. 

I think it was a little devastating to him to figure out that it did not. 

I tried to console him:

Ape: Aren't you glad I am not high maintenance with cars? I mean as long as it runs I am pretty much a happy camper.
Trev: Yeah, I guess so. But you really don't care what it looks like?
Ape: I care if it has 4 doors. 

At that point I left so I could give him some time to process it. 

In the end we made a compromise and bought Hector:
A 2000 Chevy Impala
(I was too cold to go scrape off the snow)

It still has my grandma elements with a bench-seat, a wonderfully spacious backseat, and a fantastic trunk. But I guess it looks better than the deville.

And guess what? the other day we were driving around town when we were on a road with a lot of construction and Trevor said:

"You know, watching that truck in front of us bounce around on this road with all the potholes makes me realize how smooth the drive is with this car."

I just smiled. 

It may have been a smug smile.


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  2. LOL I love it April! You guys are hilarious :D

  3. Hilarious! You make me laugh. Glad you guys were able to compromise, even though I would have loved to see you driving around in your Deville!

  4. I would asked for a Lincoln Continental...

  5. Jake also had a truck when we first met, and he also was surprised to learn that it was not on the top-ten-list of reasons I was attracted to him... So funny. I hope you enjoy your car!