Monday, March 12, 2012

My New Desire

People are down right amazing. 

After I posted last week that I wasn't feeling well I experienced an outpouring of love. Sometimes I am so touched by how kind and thoughtful people are. 

I had a wonderful friend stop by to see if she could take Bridge for a while so I could sleep. 
Another incredible friend dropped off some delicious soup. 
And still another neighbor chatted with me for a while keeping me company, then after some time I found out her husband was out of the country for ten days. 

I do believe I have learned my lesson.
two things actually:

# 1. There is no need to complain. 
Otherwise you will be humbled. 
In my case I was humbled through the sincere graciousness of good hearted people. And I felt pathetic in my murmuring.

# 2. Act. 
I had people text and call or write me messages of well wishing, it was so nice.  
Then three amazing women did not wait for an invitation, they took it upon themselves to help me.

The shameful thing is how many times I have had the thought throughout my life: 
"Oh I should call so-and-so and see how they are doing, see if they need anything." 

Yeah right. Have you ever when someone asked if you needed anything truly took them up on it? 

"No, I'm fine, Thanks though."
I am sure is the response 99% of the time. Because of the typical response I don't often even make the phone call.

But since when do we need permission to serve?? When the act of service is performed it is never unwanted. Often the emotion encountered is overwhelming gratitude.
And that is what I felt, intense gratitude for these ladies, whom if they would have asked I would have denied them on the spot.

So I have decided I want to be more like them. I need to start acting, I know I won't regret it.

and in case you are wondering, we are feeling much better round these parts. night and day difference.


  1. I know!!!! I totally did the same thing too once upon a time. Until after Eke's birth I realized I am not putting people out if they are offering their help. To serve others is rewarding for both parties but it is also our duty to let others serve us. And I know that can be hard but we are not allowing out selves to receive relationships with emotional and possibly spiritual depth when that happens.

    So now that we are on the same page.... and you read my comment below in your previous post. YOU BETTER LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED SOMETHING!!! Seriously!!! 90% of the time and mostly because I'm not around you enough to tell but I wont even know something is wrong. So little miss lady, know you have a friend no matter how vague it may be, who is willing to help you! OK!!!! And I will email you my number!

  2. That is so sweet of your friends. I am glad you got some help. Having the flu while your husband is out of town and you need to care for a baby is never fun.

    My life has often been blessed by the kind acts of others. I even have some good stories about your mother. :-)