Friday, December 30, 2011

Movie Buff

Bridget went to her first movie the other night.

We picked the late show thinking she would sleep through it. 

She did eventually fall asleep but not before she enjoyed about 2/3rds of the action packed flick.

Judging by the fact that it captured the attention of infants and adults alike, we give Sherlock Homes two thumbs up.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who taught you that?

As I have mentioned before Bridget has perfect lips, she got them from her daddy.
And boy does she know how to use them. 

More specifically she knows how to use her bottom lip.

Please enjoy the series of pictures below:

She is a pro at pushing out that lip and does it at least once everyday. 

I want to know where she learned it, because I am in trouble if it just came naturally at 3 months old!

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

Elizabeth Goold got married this weekend. 
She was the most beautiful bride. 

 In this picture I am sure I had said something very sentimental and we were sharing a moment... or we had both grabbed each others butts. 
I can't remember.

 There are seven of us from college that are best friends. 
Unfortunately we didn't have Meagan Harding with us. 
It was a really dumb excuse like being due to have her baby that day and not allowed to travel, lame. Just kidding Meags, but we still really missed you, it wasn't the same without you.
 Haley, Nycole, Jennie, Brianna, April 
(Liz & Meagan not pictured)

Oh, wait, here we all are.

Like I said before, Liz is my best friend. 

She is the kind of friend that I can call and she will give me a better perspective on a tough situation, even if it's not what I want to hear. 

I truly believe long distance relationships can work out because when Liz moved to Texas almost 4 years ago, we would talk several times a week, if not everyday. 
I knew more about a bunch of people in Dallas whom I had never met then I did about my own neighbors. 

Liz is the kind of friend that will not hesitate to done the spandex, even if it's not necessary.

Whenever I have a security question that asks who my best friend is I am never sure if I originally wrote Liz or Trevor.

Some of my absolutely favorite memories are because of Liz. read them here or here or even here.

I love you Lizzy, congratulations. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Continuing the Tradition

When Trevor and I got married we started a tradition of making our Christmas stockings, you can see how ours turned out here.

With the addition of Bridget to our family is was time to pull out the fabric and get sewing.

I am so grateful I had my little busy bee, she was soooo helpful and wanted to be apart of the whole process. 

 It was actually really fun to have her in the thick of it, I love how fascinating she finds everything.

It turned out stinkin cute! 
I am so proud of it. 

Bridgey loves it too, she can't wait for Santa to fill it with goodies. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Won!

My friend Ashley has this great blog Between West and Main
She had a giveaway that I entered and I WON! 

I am so excited about it. 
Guess what it is?

It's Mindy Gledhill's new Christmas album!!

I got it in the mail a few days ago and we have listened to it non-stop.

It has really put us in the Christmas spirit.

And when it stops, we just want it to keep going, forever.

We highly recommend Mindy Gledhill's Winter Moon CD. It will forever be in our Christmas music collection.

p.s. winning something on a blog is like winning something on the radio so this totally counts towards my list
I love it when I get to cross things off a list.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 MONTHS - 2 weeks ago

I know it's common practice to put up the kids stats, but since I don't have a pediatrician yet and she has never been to the Doctor 
(go ahead and tell me I am horrible) 
here are her statistics according to moi.

Cheeks: 10 lbs. each
Ears: a little pokey-out-y
 Lips: perfect in every particular
Eyes: tear up when she poops
Hair: rockin the cul-de-sac / mullet
Head: of the house
Bows: forget to put them on so she gets called a boy a lot, will probably need therapy

On the go: constantly

In love: with her daddy
Patience: 5th percentile
Cuteness: 109th percentile

We are smitten

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bless You My Child

After going through my pictures from Bridget's baby blessing I have come to the conclusion that I didn't get enough pictures. Bummer.

I guess I'll just have to dress her back up in her dress and take some more.

Grandma Jude made Bridget's gorgeous dress.

A few great dads.