Monday, December 19, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

Elizabeth Goold got married this weekend. 
She was the most beautiful bride. 

 In this picture I am sure I had said something very sentimental and we were sharing a moment... or we had both grabbed each others butts. 
I can't remember.

 There are seven of us from college that are best friends. 
Unfortunately we didn't have Meagan Harding with us. 
It was a really dumb excuse like being due to have her baby that day and not allowed to travel, lame. Just kidding Meags, but we still really missed you, it wasn't the same without you.
 Haley, Nycole, Jennie, Brianna, April 
(Liz & Meagan not pictured)

Oh, wait, here we all are.

Like I said before, Liz is my best friend. 

She is the kind of friend that I can call and she will give me a better perspective on a tough situation, even if it's not what I want to hear. 

I truly believe long distance relationships can work out because when Liz moved to Texas almost 4 years ago, we would talk several times a week, if not everyday. 
I knew more about a bunch of people in Dallas whom I had never met then I did about my own neighbors. 

Liz is the kind of friend that will not hesitate to done the spandex, even if it's not necessary.

Whenever I have a security question that asks who my best friend is I am never sure if I originally wrote Liz or Trevor.

Some of my absolutely favorite memories are because of Liz. read them here or here or even here.

I love you Lizzy, congratulations. 

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