Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 MONTHS - 2 weeks ago

I know it's common practice to put up the kids stats, but since I don't have a pediatrician yet and she has never been to the Doctor 
(go ahead and tell me I am horrible) 
here are her statistics according to moi.

Cheeks: 10 lbs. each
Ears: a little pokey-out-y
 Lips: perfect in every particular
Eyes: tear up when she poops
Hair: rockin the cul-de-sac / mullet
Head: of the house
Bows: forget to put them on so she gets called a boy a lot, will probably need therapy

On the go: constantly

In love: with her daddy
Patience: 5th percentile
Cuteness: 109th percentile

We are smitten

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