Sunday, May 24, 2009

What Preparations?

So as the wedding day draws nearer and nearer, more and more people ask me how wedding plans are coming along. 

Well I really wanted to show you how the wedding preps are coming so I took all these pictures of sewing machines and fabric, flowers and weeds, pretty much my mom and my dad. 

They have been absolutely fantastic, my mom has pretty much sewn EVERYTHING shy of my dress, and my dad has labored daily in the yard, slaving away over flowers and trees and waterfalls etc. etc.

I took all these great pictures and as I went to upload them I realized I don't have a cord. I pretty much packed up my life and sent it with Trevor when he moved to Philly 6 weeks ago. It's been kind of frustrating because I won't be able to find something then I remember that the majority of my stuff is 3000 miles away. Although I think Trev is suffering more then I am. He called me one night and said "This is torture, I come home at night and I walk in the door and it smells like you, and all of your stuff is here, but you aren't here." I actually thought that was really sweet and was kind of happy to know that it wasn't just me that was having a hard time with the separation. 

Anyway there you have it, if you really want to know how preparations are coming you will just have to come to the reception and see for yourself if we got everything done! Hope to see you there, it's going to be a party!