Saturday, August 24, 2013

Practice makes Pregnant

Most of you probably know by now, we are pregnant with baby #2! But because this is a blog I thought I would share a few more of the details. No, not those kinds of details! 

Hindsight, I would like to give a little piece of advice to all those who are contemplating their first child: If you plan on having more children take into careful consideration when you start your family because after that you feel like you are on a timeline with all the rest of them. My wise father-in-law once told me: "You either have your children for yourself [spread them further apart], or you have your children for each other [produce them closer together in age].

Being the planner that I am, I had it all planned out, We were going to actively work on producing another little Millar come JULY. Because then we would be out of the clear from the Holiday and winter months. NO ONE wants a winter / Christmas baby, am I right or am I right? 

Well, apparently I had a lesson to learn that the only way to guarantee not to get Pregnant is... abstinence
They advertise a small percentage of inconsistency on preventative prophylactics because sometimes it really does happen. 
TMI? No, just a good citizen warning her fellow man.

In April we went to Hawaii with our friends the Markus'. During the trip there may have arisen some inconsistencies in menstrual cycles. Clearly it was Callie's fault for my late start, she and her domineering period threw mine off. 

I bought this rational hook line and sinker. For over a week I bought it. It probably would have been longer if Trevor didn't mention one night, in May, that I had been pretty tired lately. 

The next day I went and got a pregnancy test. 

Took the test and immediately the negative line came up. Of course I'm not pregnant, I track and chart everything and there is literally NO possible way I could be pregnant.
I left the bathroom and went about my day. 
About 30 minutes later I was back in the bathroom (peeing again!) glanced over and saw a little + sign.

Excuse me?! WHAT?!

Bridget and I immediately went out and bought more pregnancy tests. 
Alright, so I was pregnant. 

Now, to tell the father. Trevor's birthday was in a couple days so.... I made him a cake.

I know, I know. It's not very birthday festive, but it was a cake.

He was surprised. 
Lets face it, so was I.
Elated! but surprised.

We announced it to our families at about 10 weeks.

And last night we found out that we are having a....

We were going to video Bridget announcing what we are having but her "brother" and "boy" are much more distinguishable than "sister" and "girl" We thought it would just confuse people.
But she's pretty excited to have a sister!

We are pretty sure we a have name but still need to discuss. 

We are excited to have Little Lady Millar join our family
Beginning of January 2014!