Monday, July 6, 2009

June 6 ~ A Day To Remember


Most everyone that was able to be with us the day we were sealed in the Draper, UT LDS Temple

The Steed Clan:

My parents and siblings, minus Elder Douglas Steed:
Sarah, Russ, Aleena, Trevor, April, Monica, Ruthie, Craig

The Millar Bunch:

Trevor's Grandpa and Grandma Thompson and Grandpa Bryce

Grandpa Bryce's late wife's name is Donna, which happens to be my name as well.

Trev's parents and siblings with the exception of Elder Dusty Millar
Jaime, Bryan, Jude, Trevor, April, Angie, Mandy, BJ

Our wonderful friends!
Bryce, Scott, Doug, Troy, Trevor, April, Jemaica, Kaycee, Liz, Nycole, Jennie, Brianna, Ashley, Meagan, Jennie

Me with my Girls
Jennie, Brianna, Jennie, Liz, Kaycee, Nycole, Meagan, Ashley

I feel so lucky to have had almost all my best friends there with me!
Aren't these girls gorgeous???

Our Parents, what wonderful people they all are.

The Huntsmans!!!
Sister Huntsman was the one who introduced me to Trevor.
I daresay she wanted this day to happen more then anyone.

Bryce, Troy, Trevor, Dougy, Scott
Two Options:
GQ or Confusion...

This is not an easy task...

The entire wedding party all dressed to the hilt in the pink, green, black, and white


And Steeds

1 Steed and 4 former steeds
My mom and sisters

The Bridesmaids
I am 5'7" would you believe it? So many tall gorgeous women!
Aleena, Lizzie, Monica, Sarah, April, Angie, Jaime, Brianna, Mandy


So she said "sexy" and apparently Aleena is the only one that knows what that means...
Although Sarah is doing a pretty good rendition in the back.

The Groomsmen
Bryce, Russ, Doug, Bryce, Trevor, Terence, Jared, BJ, Jeff, Geoff

AWWWW, so much love!
BJ, Jeff, Geoff

A few of my Girls!

Trevor and his Buddies

Dusty and Doug were able to make it as companions to the reception.

The signing table. We had one of our wedding pictures and a picture of each of our parents on their wedding day. Really fun to see them all side by side.
(And yes that would be my father standing next to my mom, and yes he does have hair!)

The Refreshment Table, Delicious! Attribute all this hard work to my sister Monica who made all the cakes!

My dear sweet friend Jenessa!

I never understood the tradition of a really expensive cake that you cut and then shove in each others faces. SO I decided I wanted a PINATA! My sister Sarah made this incredible wedding cake shaped pinata! She did a fantastic job!

When the time came to "cut the cake" we hit the Pinata! It was so much fun and it made the party atmosphere just like I wanted!

Sarah did such a good job making that pinata hold up, but luckily Trevor is a heavy hitter so he was able to get the delicious contents out.

We did it!

Everyone run and get the candy! There was some really good stuff in there, including boxes of raisins! :)
The rain held off so I was still able to get my dance.

We danced our first dance to The Veronica's song, Speechless.

The Daddy Daughter Dance

We had a big competition to see who would catch the bouquet! I decided since I was going the less traditional route with a pinata cake I would keep going and invite everyone to catch the bouquet....even Trevor is down there....

Lizzie ended up with it!

But Jeff caught it!

Time to leave!

The wonderful women and my mom's dearest friends who helped with everything in the kitchen! Thank you so much!

A video of the bouquet toss: