Friday, April 17, 2009

Where In The World Is.....

See if you can guess where Trevor is based on the following pictures: They progressively get easier so the sooner you guess the more impressive. Can you tell the city by the skyline....?

Still not quite sure? How about this place, do you know what happened here?

Maybe this will help: it's the "City of Brotherly Love"

If you are like me and associate everything with food, this might be the giveaway...

If you don't know after this next picture then the public school system has failed you!

Yes that's right, it's PHILADELPHIA!!!!!! Philly is the home to many amazing historic events, the cheese steak, and soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Millar! As you can see by the picture below Trevor spent the last 3 days driving to Philly with his buddy Bryce Reed, they headed out for some Summer Sales. Luckily I get to fly to Philly after our honeymoon instead of driving. Trevor and I are hoping while we are out there to find permanent jobs so we can stay on the East Coast...Wish us luck!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The List

A couple years ago I wrote a list of things I want to do, or see, or the kind of person I want to become throughout my life. I wrote the list and then I decided that as I completed each item I would document it with a picture and kind of make a scrapbook out of it. Well the time has come to check off a couple of the things on my list.... Here is my proof....

 Learn how to drive a stick shift car
Trevor felt like now was the time that I learn so he made me drive his brother, BJ's jeep. I was very consistent in stalling at every stop-sign we came to, sometimes I was an overachiever and I stalled twice. I guess I was frustrating the lady behind me because she ended up passing us illegally, we smiled and waved. I guess technically I wouldn't say I actually learned to drive a stick shift, but I made it home, so that is worth some admiration.

 Sing Karaoke at a Real Karaoke Bar. 

Now I understand why this could be a more enjoyable activity when one is drunk. I was absolutely HORRIBLE. I know I can't sing, but I didn't realize I was That bad. Luckily Doug, who can sing, came to my rescue. I doubt I will do it again.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yes, Yes that is right, Professional Bull Riding! While in Nampa, do as the Namponites! We were able to take part in the "toughest sport in the world." And....since when do I pass up an opportunity to dress up? Stacy did my hair...I never knew my hair could reach that high, nice work Stace!!
BJ and Stacy!
I don't know how anyone could resist her with those red boots and fringed vest, not to mention BJ's exceptionally tall hat, so hot!
Jamie and Terance!
I thought I was sitting next to some legit cowboys with all their whoops and holloring, it was fantastic!
I wish I had some pictures of the actual Bull riders but we took all these pictures before it started and then my camera ran out of batteries...