Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kirtland & Nauvoo: The Last Summer Chapter

We had the opportunity to attend the Nauvoo Temple as we passed through Illinois. This was a wonderful experience because a few years ago I was able to go through the Nauvoo Temple open house with my family. It was an incredible experience then but it was nothing to the experience of entering the Temple after its dedication.
We spent some time in the Relief Society Gardens

This is the visual to how Trevor feels about having children.... When are we getting pregnant?.....don't ask.

We spent some time visiting family members graves:

The upper room at the Red Brick Store:

The Kirtland Temple. I really enjoyed visiting this Temple. It helped me realize how hard it really was for the Saints to have had to leave it. It is a beautiful temple.

Time to go, Trevor is pointing our "covered wagon" westward.
If you look really closely you can see the Nauvoo Temple in the background.
It was a fantastic trip, I would highly recommend a church history sites vacation to anyone!