Thursday, April 1, 2010

Deffinitely BLOG WORTHY

Those of you who have known Trevor in his post-mission years, have been well aware of his necklace.

Now I have always harbored a stereotype for guys that wear necklaces, granted it depends on the kind of necklace.... a man who wears a puka shell necklace is different then the man who wears a gold chain. Nevertheless if the necklace is there....the damage is done.

For as long as I have known Trevor he has worn:
Now I often asked Trev when he was going to give up "the dream" and put away the necklace, but since he acquired the necklace on his mission he has been pretty attached....for nostalgic purposes of course.

Well I would like the world to know, HE HAS DONE IT! The Necklace can now only be found in the drawer full of other things he no longer needs.
And I couldn't be more PROUD!
Aren't I the Luckiest lady in the world to have such a grown-up man?