Monday, December 16, 2013

Untraditional Tradition

So last year 2012 was the first year we participated in the sending out of Christmas cards. Mostly because we had this phenomenal picture that may have been mocking, slightly, the tradition of Christmas cards. 
And lets face it, I do most things:
a. To say I did it / the story.
b. To get a reaction out of people.
c. Because I have to.

And Last Years Christmas card fit snuggly into option "b." (Blame it on my middle child status, I obviously needed more attention growing up.)
After a couple of friends calling us up and telling us how much they loved our card, or asking us if we were serious, or telling us they were a little concerned (concealed carry permits). I knew that a tradition was born:
The Untraditional Christmas Card Tradition

I literally started thinking about this years Christmas card in about January. I had some ok ideas, but luckily I am married to a man who loves puns and has the sense of humor of a 65-year-old man. (The tackier the phrasing = the better untraditional Christmas card.)

Then we got pregnant.... and my brain wheels started turning.

It honestly took me a while to convince Trevor this was going to be a good idea. 
He believed it to be on the sacrilegious side. You tell me what you think. 
Unfortunately for him when I get something in my head I get a little persistent. Fortunately for me, he is a good sport and loves me despite it all. In fact he came up with our greeting, (if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.)

So without further ado, the Millar 2013 Christmas Card:


We are loving our home and especially living in Spanish Fork, Utah. Although we quickly learned that to fix things around the house you need tools… Trevor has not complained once and perhaps fabricates his “honey do” list. (Do you really need a skill saw to change a light bulb?)

Bridget would rather dance over sing, blue over green, and Cinderella over any other princess. She is very tactile and loves to pinch the knuckle skin on anyone.
Every morning this is the first thing out of her mouth and the EXACT conversation:
“You hungry? You want some lunch?”
“You want breakfast and lunch?”
“Yeah, an dinner.”
Needless to say our house revolves around meals. She is also convinced that going potty on the toilet is for the babies and much prefers her diaper, makes much better use of her very precious time. But anytime the toilet is flushed she runs over and says: “Bye, bye potty! See you soon!!!”

Expecting baby girl #2 in a few weeks at the beginning of January. She is doing well and is already well aware of her sister, making sure to give Bridget a good wallop if she squishes her too long. We are eagerly anticipating her arrival especially because we have planned a home birth.

April has enjoyed growing a human inside her for the majority of this year and spending everyday with Bridget! She has also loved the work she does as a doula and HypnoBirthing instructor, feeling so blessed and bonded to those families who have shared that sacred event with her. It’s been fun to watch her business grow ( bringing her total of attended births to 11! She also is proud to say she completed her first half marathon this summer at 14 weeks pregnant, and is grateful her time can only be improved upon.

Trevor very much enjoys his job as a traveling hitch salesman. He has been able to do more business development this year, which has been fun for him to learn new skills. He loves owning his own home and is very active in all decorating / home improvement decisions. He is an avid “pinterest-er” but don’t worry he pins tough stuff like fireplaces and finished carpentry.

We hope this season finds you happy and healthy. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Much love,
Trevor, April, Bridget, & Ruthie Millar