Thursday, January 24, 2013

Walking on Sunshine

It was around Bridget's birthday (September) Trevor and I were talking about how she wasn't walking yet and if we should be concerned.

Trev: She's getting close, I bet she'll be walking by Halloween.
Ape: I don't know, she's not even wanting to walk holding our hands, I bet it will be closer to Thanksgiving.

Naturally we are a betting family, so the stakes were set. We decided on the day exactly in between Halloween and Thanksgiving, November 12th. If Bridget walked before that day Trevor won, and any day after, I won. 
(Walking meaning it was her primary mode of transport).
Whomever lost had to plan a romantic date for the other.

Bridget started walking...November 13th!
Sorry Trevor, you always sometimes lose.

She is such a cute walker:

And if you are curious, the romantic date Trevor planned:
   James Bond movie and the shooting range.
 Sometimes Trevor, you win.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do You Forgive Me?

I have had a few inquiries about why I have fallen off the bandwagon of blogging. 
Things got busy, and then I got lazy, and then it got busy again.
No excuses.
Do you forgive me?
Now do you forgive me?