Monday, February 1, 2010

All Expense Paid VACA!

So, what do you get your husband for Christmas when you have the ample budget of $100? (not to mention you are living in your parents basement)
That's right, you get him an all expense paid vacation to the lovely, and exotic, DOWNTOWN SALT LAKE CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After spending our one night, one day stay at the picturesque Crystal Inn we hit the town and the atmosphere by visiting the MOON.

Not to mention chatting it up with an astronaut

Trevor took a little walk on Mars

I have never been more fascinated by marbles in my whole life! Seriously hit up the Clark Planetarium and check this contraption out. We stood and watched them go every which way for a solid 20 min. I started jumping up and down with the 7 year old girl that was standing next to me... (Clark Planetarium floor exhibits: Free!)

Trevor told the world in Native American Patterns that he loves me, what a sweetheart!

He then put the finishing touches on a fine Rodin sculpture.

I gave us a little tour of the UMFA describing the flirtatious innuendo in this piece
(Utah Museum of Fine Art: $7 for my ticket, Trevor is sort of going to school at the U, so he got in free)

Sonic during Happy Hour: $2 for drinks

And finishing the day off the best way possible, with a FROGURT!