Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Be This?!?

This last weekend Trevor and I had the opportunity to have a ski weekend with a bunch of our friends. Half of us live in Utah and the other half in Idaho. So we met up in a tiny town called Albion population 262 to go snowboarding at Pomerelle resort. Albion used to be a college town but has turned into a ghost town, all of the buildings are boarded up and abandoned. We were able to get into a couple of the buildings, a gymnasium and a theater. It was super creepy, as you can see.

They always showed up in different positions , close or far away, a lot or a little. 
This picture had the most orbs. They would only show up in the pictures when we were inside the buildings and when people were around. I personally don't know what they are, but I really want to hear your opinions. Kind of interesting....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hey Cowboy Nice Shiner

I have always been all about the story, therefore I enjoy "battle wounds" (bruises, cuts, scrapes etc.) because of their potential for conversation starters. For as long as I can remember I have wanted a black eye if not for any other reason then as an experience, plus I think they look pretty cool. But alas I have never had one.....until now!

Yes it is true it's not a great black eye, looks more like makeup then anything, but hey I'll take it! Trevor gave it to me, we have been engaged for a week now so it's about time that the beatings begin, right? He says he's really sorry and that he only does it because he loves me...

Here's Trev recreating the moment.
Actually what happened is that I was trying to tickle Trevor on his  neck. He threw his head back as I lunged forward and we collided. The funny part about it is that it hurt his head way more then mine but I ended up getting the black eye....awesome!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Done and Done

It's finally official, Trevor and I are engaged! 
About a month ago when Trevor and I were talking about marriage I told him he shouldn't propose any way too cheesy or cliché; like on valentines day, or anywhere near a Temple. I just felt like it had been done by so many other people and I wanted something a little more original. Well maybe he took that to mean that that was the only way to propose, because that is exactly what he did. 
He proved me a fool because it turned out to be really special and incredibly sweet. 
We had tickets to go through the Draper Temple Open House on Valentines Day. Everything was turning out great, his family was able to come down for it and my parents were going to come. I totally suspected something was going to happen that weekend, but definitely not in the Temple because I told him I would say no if he did.  As we were walking through we got close to the sealing rooms and I got really excited because I had already scheduled us to be married in the Draper Temple so I knew what room we were going to be sealed in. I was anxious to be able to go through that room with Trevor. As we were walking through there was an Usher standing next to the alter and he caught eye contact with us and motioned for us to come over. He started telling us about the mirrors and their symbolism representing eternity, he said some other very sweet things. I ended up telling him that we were scheduled to be sealed in that very room in June. As he was expressing his congratulations Trevor says "Yeah, there's just only one thing left to do..." That's when he got down on his knee, pulled out a ring I had never seen before and asked me to marry him.
Well I didn't say No but I did say "Are you kidding me!"  But then I said yes. It was really neat that our families got to be there, I wouldn't have had it any other way. In all reality he was quite brilliant because by proposing in a way I told him not to it actually was the only way I was truly surprised.
I feel very blessed that we found each other. I love him dearly and I am excited and anxious to start our life together.

This is a picture of my ring, Trevor picked it out all by himself and I don't think he could have done any better! I absolutely love it!