Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Be This?!?

This last weekend Trevor and I had the opportunity to have a ski weekend with a bunch of our friends. Half of us live in Utah and the other half in Idaho. So we met up in a tiny town called Albion population 262 to go snowboarding at Pomerelle resort. Albion used to be a college town but has turned into a ghost town, all of the buildings are boarded up and abandoned. We were able to get into a couple of the buildings, a gymnasium and a theater. It was super creepy, as you can see.

They always showed up in different positions , close or far away, a lot or a little. 
This picture had the most orbs. They would only show up in the pictures when we were inside the buildings and when people were around. I personally don't know what they are, but I really want to hear your opinions. Kind of interesting....


  1. I think the large particles are the unseen world, the life beyond, the spirits of the dead, if you will. Haunting those who break into the classrooms where they once resided and contain their last, final memories of this life. They will visit those Who trample the dust of their bones under their feet, puffing the smaller sacred particles into the air to be photographed in the dark of the night. These intruders who will be punished for their ignorance.

    Briggs thinks they are mama's milk. Bryce is sure they are snowflakes, boarding anyone?

  2. How about alternate demensions? Russell thinks the orbs are energy that when harnessed can propell you into paralell universes like Whoville!
    Actually, I know they're not dust or moisture. They resonate at a frequency which cannot be seen with the human eye but can be detected by the lens of a digital camera...and that's the truth acording to Ruth! HA HA

  3. That's a lot of orbs... I like that word orbs. You should use it more often. Honestly, that is pretty creepy that you went there. I can't even watch movie previews without getting nightmares.