Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Engagement Pictures!

It's time! The wedding plans are coming along and with the wedding roughly 2.5 months away, it means it's time for some pictures!
My sister's mother-in-law Joeen Hill was extremely generous and offered to take our pictures, she did a fantastic job.

After we changed clothes my mom took some pictures as well, she also did an incredible job. We were really lucky to have two great photographers!It might be anti-climactic, but these are the pictures we have chosen to go on our announcement. We had so many wonderful pictures to choose from, it was very difficult to narrow it down.


  1. Cute pics... April i'm lovin the blonde hair...

  2. I am excited to see your pics! You'll have to post more when you get a chance. And like always you look beautiful!

  3. Donna-
    I am so glad that you found us!! I remember that i talked to you about blogging!!!ha ha ha! Your pictures are awesome--you are such a hottie! Congrats again! We are actually coming back to UT for some time in the summer! We will have to get together soon!