Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yes, Yes that is right, Professional Bull Riding! While in Nampa, do as the Namponites! We were able to take part in the "toughest sport in the world." And....since when do I pass up an opportunity to dress up? Stacy did my hair...I never knew my hair could reach that high, nice work Stace!!
BJ and Stacy!
I don't know how anyone could resist her with those red boots and fringed vest, not to mention BJ's exceptionally tall hat, so hot!
Jamie and Terance!
I thought I was sitting next to some legit cowboys with all their whoops and holloring, it was fantastic!
I wish I had some pictures of the actual Bull riders but we took all these pictures before it started and then my camera ran out of batteries...


  1. Apes! I'm so glad you found us. I'm so happy for you and your upcoming nuptials. We must get together, we must. Maybe a double date??? Where are you living nowadays?