Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fashion Advice: How to Thriftstore

So yesterday I told you that today you would get to hear all about my best thrift store find.
Are you excited?
Seriously prepare yourself to be jealous.

Here's how it went down.
I went to school at BYU-Idaho, let's be honest there isn't a whole lot to do in the small town of Rexburg. Which was actually perfect because we learned to make our own fun.
We would attend a lot of the activities the school put on, it was a tradition every couple of semesters to have a "D.I. Dance"
D.I.aka Deseret Industries. (Basically "Good Will")
Lizzy (roommate / bff) and I loved dances.
We would go to workout.
Really, we would.
We would get in our sweats and go down to the local club (Club Stratta) and dance so hard we would drip sweat.
Maybe we did it for the attention? While everyone else was bumping and grinding those watching us would get to experience our best '80's aerobics moves.

BUT D.I. dances were the favorite, always the perfect excuse to go shopping at D.I.

So this particular time we went to the Idaho Falls D.I. because it's not nearly as picked over as the Rexburg one. Once inside we divided to conquer, about 15 minutes later we met up in the middle to show off our spoils.
As she is showing me some incredible lycra pants I say "I think I have those in Blue."
Then it hit me, a sad sad realization:
 I already own everything D.I. has to offer!
Totally dejected we start to leave thinking we will just have to put something together from the 5 bins of costumes we had in our storage.
But then something catches my eye...
I see some rubber boots hanging behind a bunch of flannel shirts.
As we get closer and peel back all the lumberjack wear we unveil one of the most amazing ensembles I have ever seen!


At this point in my life I actually had never been fishing but it doesn't take an expert to know it's always a good idea to have fishing waders.
We took them off the hook and right then and there slipped them over our clothes.... perfect fit!
We wore them up to the cash register where we paid $15 for our priceless finds.
As we were leaving an older gentleman says to me, "You are going to need to get a belt for those waders, you get any water in them they will anchor you to the floor of the crick."
Noted. "Oh, thanks."

Look at the utter joy on that face.

 Here we are at the dance... sweating our guts out in the rubber suits.

 Then of course I needed to test them out in the hot tub to see if they would anchor me to the ground.
Proud to say my $15 waders had no holes.
AND they made my hot tub experience more enjoyable.


  1. There was a time when I attempted to use the waders in the hot tub also...I almost sunk myself. I was so excited I jumped, but dipped a little to low. I'm not near as graceful as Ms. D. April Millar.

  2. oh my gosh how funny! im pretty sure when i lived with liz and bri we had your left over costumes you left - they came in handy! haha. and from your post below, its a good thing you found a man who is willing to dress up with you!!

  3. keep em coming april. I'm laughing my guts out!

  4. April, you are hilarious. I am so glad you write on your blog. I like to read it when I need a good laugh.