Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Bridget,

You know what's silly?
I haven't given any thought to how big you will be when you are born.
But then today a girl I work with had her baby and he was over 10lbs.
I guess you can be 10lbs if you want.... or you can be 7lbs.
How's your head?
I feel a little bad for you when I go to the bathroom because I have to lean over to make sure my bladder fully empties.
I imagine it's like I am stealing your pillow, that's the worst, sometimes I steal your daddy's pillow in the middle of the night.
Not on purpose.
But then he just gets another one instead of waking me up. 
He's nice like that.

We pretty much talk about you all the time, you are our best friend.
But here we are down to hours, whether it's 24 hours or 200 hours from now... I'll be seeing you.

I love you.

**I would like some advice. What is the last thing you did / wish you had done / or will do before you have/had your baby as a "this-is-our-last-date-without-kids-ever" date?


  1. Good luck! For our last date before we had Camden we went out to a very fancy restaurant sans Carly and had a wonderful night together. Life is great with newborns but fancy dinners get more complicated for sure. You look great! Can't wait to see pictures... but I hope for your sake she isn't 10 lbs or I guess just has a narrow head. :)

  2. yeah i would probably say a place you can't even take your kids when you ahve them, like a really nice restaurant.
    and it was sad - we didnt get to plan anything since D came so early. so we never got that "one last night" to ourselves... bummer! hope you find something good to do!

  3. April!! You are so close! Go out on the town!! Go to dinner and a movie. You won't get to go to a movie for a while. or something you just love that would be too hard with a baby!!
    Love you good luck!

  4. Since I ended up having them early and without preparation, while they were in the NICU we went the Cheesecake Factory then to Nordstrom to look at all the little girly clothes. It was actually really fun. Oh, and I ate LOTS! Love you lots and can't wait to meet her!