Friday, September 2, 2011

What is it going to take to Survive?

So I have seen a few episodes of Man vs. Wild.
But you know what?
 Of all the things Bear Grylls has taken on with his knife and survival knowledge there is one thing we have never seen...
I for one would like an episode of:

Man VS Baby

I know he can drink his own urine no problem but I am pretty sure the survival tool he would realize he needs quickly is not duct tape...

It would most definitely be the:

  I need to stop here and say a MAJOR THANK YOU to JEMAICA SALMON. She has provided a way in which I will be able to sustain my own life in the coming months.

What do you do when you have the object of your desire?

You have a photo shoot.
Thank you Tyra I think I really got the fierce eyes down... too bad it comes with the puckered lips. 

You can never go wrong with the Shania pose


  1. Can we be friends forever? And I don't mean how 7th graders use that term loosely in their yearbook signing. I mean really...friends forever.

  2. April, you are the best! (And so are diaper genies!)

  3. Shania! YES! Oh I love you April. Tell that baby to hurry up so we can teach her the ways of modeling.

  4. Funniest. post. ever. You are hilarious!

  5. Died when I saw Shania! Miss you, and tell that baby to hurry. I'm dying to see pictures!

  6. you are the funniest person I know. You look awesome by the way

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA! How am I just seeing this now?! I LOVE IT! This is like soft mommy porn haha!

    Why wait to start using it? You and Trevor should start testing that thing out now with your own dirty diapers and see just how well it holds in the stink!

    Thanks for the courtesy post! It made my day