Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feeling: Rotund

Someone asked me how I was feeling the other day, I said "Rotund."
I then walked away thinking Rotund? Where did that come from?
When I think of rotund I think of THE ROTUNDA. You know, the awesome building that looks like the Pantheon?
So I decided to make sure I knew that rotund actually applied to me so I checked my thesaurus.
First word I noticed:
Yep, definitely applies. 

On a side note...


  1. Do you remember how when we used to play any games how we would always argue over the name Bridgett? Or Noel? I love that you've chosen one of those names for your little one! My mom wants you to know she thinks you're adorable, and I think she's finally given up the hope that you and Markie will get hitched (seeing as you're both married now...finally Mom)

  2. I love that rotund belly! And don't worry, I'm still not mad.

  3. First-not beefy. Second- where did you get those ballet slippers??? So adorable!

  4. APRIL! You are a babe! Can't wait for you to have your little girl!!