Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Deep Thoughts

By: Jack Handey April Millar
I am supposed to lay off the wheat.
Mostly because it gives me major heartburn but also because I could definitely use less carbs in my life.
So what did I cut out?
The crust on my sandwiches.
 For some reason growing up I always thought I needed to eat the crust on the sandwich because it's the worst part so therefore it has to be the most healthy, right?
Like with potatoes or apples.
It was only a few weeks ago when I was choking down the outer rind of my PB&J when I realized there are no more nutrients in the crust than in the rest of the bread!
 Best. Day. Ever.

Here is a recent text conversation between Trevor and me in consecutive order:
April: "Thanks for not having tiny hands"
Trevor: "Tiny Hands?"
April: "Every time I see someone with little hands and they wave them around while they talk I get all distracted. It looks funny."
(3 min lapse in time)
April: "Oh man Trev, I'm feeling Chinese"
Trevor: "What does that feel like?"
(We get a lot done in the day.)

I would so much rather have the stomach flu than a sore throat. I know because I threw up in my garbage can at work 2 days ago, and today I woke up with a sore throat. I compared, and today is way worse. 

You thought from the picture that this was going to be very introspective and inspiring.
I guess I'm just not one of those blogs. Ye be warned.


  1. Ok, you Steed girls are hilarious! Loved every word of this post. You are getting close girly...hang in there!

  2. You crack me up! I am looking forward to getting together!

  3. Wes always told our kids the crust was the most healthy as well. And I would say, "Seriously, how is it any different than the rest of the bread?" But my mom always told us that if we ate the crust we would get hair on our chest. Okay--so what woman wants that?

    Cutting off the crust is a great idea.

    Sorry about the throwing up and the sore throat. Those are my two worst ailments, I think.

  4. I can't believe I just found your blog. And I was wondering who calls you Ape? I always thought your nickname was A.P. sort of like your cousin R. J. "Ape" is almost as bad as "Terriball" which grandpa thinks is a mis=spelling of my real name of "Terrible." I am so excited to see the baby!