Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Memories in the Making

I have some great memories from my old house, the house I lived in until I was 9. But one of the greatest memories I have was of the big grape vine we had along the side of our house. In the late Summer those grapes would get nice and ripe and diffuse the most intoxicating aroma. To this day if I get a whiff of that smell I am immediately a child again. We would pick them by the handfuls and gobble them up as we played "fairies" or "dust storm" or "wolves"or..... I could go on, I had a very active imagination, but in the most general term my games were very dramatic interpretations of  "house."

But then, we moved. 
To a beautiful home on the mountain (which was fantastic because now my games had a legit setting to them).  Unfortunately the grapes did not follow. But something else sprung up (because that's how it happens, I definitely didn't see my dad plant them) and has been creating memories with our family every Summer since.

cue: The Raspberry Patch!
Somehow it gathers us together, we all return during harvest time to pick the berries, and make jam.

There are no such thing as child labor laws around here.

Everyone helps.

I am sure Bridget will love the Raspberry patch, she already LOVES the jam. she squirms with pleasure every time I eat it.

What Summer memories do you have?

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  1. We canned over 100 jars of lovicious raspberry freezer jam last week! Thank you April and Trevor(and Bridget)for the help and for the
    M E M O R I E S!
    With sweetest love,