Friday, August 26, 2011

Am I Ready?

I have been so lucky to have some great baby showers and I took all these pictures of the darling outfits Bridgey is going to look so cute in.
Then tragedy struck and my camera died, I can't find the charger... it's because I cleaned.
Does that ever happen to you? You know where everything is when things are messy and as soon as you clean you can't find a thing?
That is probably too much information on me.
Part of the whole reason one has a blog is to provide proof that one is perfect.
In fact, in the coming months you will see all the amazing DIY projects I will have completed while making organic baby food with one hand and breastfeeding with the other. And of course I will have perfectly coiffed hair in my spotless / awesomely decorated house. (with all pictures being uploaded directly from pinterest.)

So last week my awesome sister-in-law Stacy threw me a baby shower. It was lovely, I love seeing wonderful women I don't get to see on a regular basis.
From the group I was given a carseat.
Carseats are supposed to make you feel safe and secure, but I was amazed at how I felt complete utter relief when I saw it.
I almost wanted to start crying. "She can come home now!"
It was weird.
I felt like it didn't matter what else we had for this baby everything was going to work out because we now have a carseat.
She really likes it too, I asked her and she gave a good solid roundhouse kick to my liver.
That means yes.


  1. I so wanted to be there. it sounds like it was fun!

  2. Super cute April! I'm excited for the arrival of your little girl!! I know what you mean about cleaning and not being able to find something when I'm thru. For me it's a product of old age...for you, it's just a lot of 'relaxin' in your veins getting you ready to give birth. It will go away and you'll be able to think again just fine! Hugs

  3. You hear that Bridget? You have a car seat so you can come now. Hurry up and make you entrance to the world. I'm ready to meet you already!

    P.s. Don't worry. I'm not even mad you didn't post a picture of the diaper genie I got you. I realize it's because you haven't gained a true appreciation of it yet. I'm confident that once Bridget starts rolling out those ultra stinky diapers and there is no evidence of the awful stench in the air that you will then devote an entire post to that diaper genie. Who knows, you may even get a little weepy over it! So, I forgive you.