Friday, August 12, 2011


Is it beyond pathetic of me to say I really don't like cell phones when I carry around 3 of them?
It's true I really do have three of them; I have a work cell, a personal cell, and we used to have iphones before I got angry at our phone bill and canceled them but I still carry it around to take pictures with (and for other apps I use). However, they are more often than not out of battery or on silent so I don't answer them anyway.

And now for a visual,
here is an awkward picture of me expelliarmus-ing Trevor's cell phone out of his hand. In a movie theater. They have like 1,214 ads before the movie begins to turn off your phone.

"But they are so convenient April"
Sure they may be conveninet, but they have ruined human interaction... or enhanced it ...
I haven't quite decided yet.


  1. I say they've ruined human interaction but there's no turning back now:) No fair you guys get to go to movies??? I remember what that was like.

  2. So many things to say about this post.
    First, what is the purple material on your lap?
    Two: Did you popcorn fall?
    Three: Who took this pic? It is really classic.
    Four: I am going through the phone! B and I are sharing for a while and it is so nice! Seriously not having to check a phone ever 5 min is totally amazing.
    Five: Miss you.