Saturday, September 17, 2011


I'm still pregnant. 
One week until the "guess date" but we will see when she decides to make an appearance. 

Here are the gritty details from my appointment on Tuesday:

(I figure it's not like I am putting this on facebook so you don't have a choice to know what my lady parts are doing, you chose to come to my blog and now you get to know all about my cervix)

*dilated to a 2
*60% effaced
*-1 station

There you have it.
She could come tonight
I could be like this for weeks.


  1. Good luck April! You will do great! Can't wait so see what a cute little girl your going to have! You will absolutely love being a mommy.

  2. April, tell Bridg not to come yet! I have had your gift ready for over a month, and I will make sure to get over to the post office tomorrow! I know you will be such a wonderful momma!

  3. You are one cute lady! I will be down in the SLC area in about 3 weeks for my sisters wedding, but hopefully I will be able to stop by and see you and your cute little one! Good luck- you are going to do awesome.

    p.s. I want to know all about how the hypnobirthing goes. I am interested.