Monday, September 12, 2011

I had no idea

Do you remember a while ago when I wrote a post about nesting?
Boy was I kidding myself when I thought I was nesting.
Nesting = Crazy Lady

I may have mentioned spiders in the past but I would like to reiterate that we get A LOT of spiders in our house.
We kill 1-2 spiders per day and that is in the Summer... spiders decide to take up residence inside when the temperatures cool down.
Nesting = Realistic

So this weekend I had a freak out moment about hobo spiders biting my newborn baby
Nesting = Paranoid

I headed to IFA and bought the expensive poison; all the lady needed to say was "professionals" and I laid my card on the table.
Nesting = Professional

We then emptied each room completely to spray every crook and cranny.
(Don't worry, I didn't touch the spray and I even made Trevor wear long pants and sleaves, a hat, gloves, and a respirator)
Nesting = Thorough

Of our 700 sq ft house we only got our room and Bridget's room done.
So I told Bridget she couldn't come until we were done spraying / cleaning the house.
Nesting = Controling

Bridget decided to prove to mom that I have no control so Saturday she "dropped" (decended into my pelvis) and Sunday was full of pre-labor surges.
I quickly appologized and told her I was ready whenever she was.
Nesting = Remembering What's Really Important

Today we are back to normal so I will continue on with the bathroom.


  1. I am glad we had you over on Saturday since your baby could come any minute! It was great to see you :). Good luck with spiders and cleaning. It will be worth the pain of doing it now so you won't worry about it later!

  2. Oh, I did the same thing! Capri dropped early for me, so I still had a couple weeks after. I was waddling around. For your sake I hope she comes sooner than later! Good luck with everything. I hope it all goes smoothly!!!