Thursday, July 7, 2011

It Has Happened!

I was seriously getting nervous that it wouldn't happen to me and I would officially be a bad mom before I was even a mom!!! But I want you all to know that it has happened, last week I had a vision and I went into nesting mode!

I do feel like I have had a legit excuse for my delay in planning and preparing a nursery: Trevor's job is in Provo so we had decided that when our lease was up in October we would move to Provo. So how could I prepare a room for a child that will most likely never use it because she will be sleeping next to my bed for the two weeks before we move? Makes sense, right?

But then something changed, Trevor was chosen to teach seminary part-time starting in September and his school is in Riverton, so based on the commuter link it is best if we stay in Draper, at least for another year.

Next hurtle: I would look in the spare room and see everything we owned that didn't fit somewhere else in the house and it was overwhelming, so I just left it, for a long time. My biggest problem was the closet, as you can see in the pictures below, the closet has been used to the max... food storage. But then one night I was laying in bed and I literally had a vision, I can put Bridget's closet on the OUTSIDE of the wall! I saw shelves and curtain rods and Trevor helped me turn it into a reality!

So please prepare yourself for some awesome Before and After pictures:


Please notice the closet of food storage. Also, everything that I have gotten for Bridget at this point is piled in the middle of the room, I know it doesn't look like it but I swear it was nicely piled.

AFTERAwesome, yes?



We really don't have any room for an actual crib, so I am really loving the Pack 'n Play!

p.s. shout out to my sister's and sisters-in-law for letting Bridge use their kids clothes!


Somewhere I must have had the thought that if I put the vacuum in the middle of the room somehow I would use it... apparently I am already getting really good at ignoring mess.


We got this fantastic chair on clearance at RC Willey this last weekend. It's SO CUMFY!

This is hanging on the wall above her bed, it was part of the decorations at my wedding reception. I promise I am not that vein, I plan on changing the pictures out once I have some pictures of her. I considered it but I don't know for how long I would love having a huge blown up picture of her ultrasound.

It's not completely done yet but I hope you enjoyed the before and afters.

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  1. how cute!!
    what a great idea to have her closet on the outside. D's closet has always been storage. but we ended up buying a crib set (crib, changing table and armoir) on the bulletin board at school. so luckily the armoir was used as the closet.

    and that chair looks like it will be insanely comfy to do midnight feedings!