Monday, July 18, 2011

How often is too often

to play the pregnant card?
I am really finding some great benefits from my whole predicament. Or maybe I have just developed a distinct attraction to the sin of gluttony seeing as most the "benefits" deal with food.  
Much to my indifference shame, here are a couple examples:

Trevor and I decided to go to dinner one night, my choice: pizza BUFFET! After we both ate double our money's worth and sitting and chatting for a while to digest we decide perhaps it's time to go. I can't get it out of my head that I need just one more cookie from the dessert table. But as I approach the platter all the cookies are gone! Bummer, right? Of course I realized the other 2 cookies and unnumbered pieces of pizza was probably enough anyway so we left... wrong. I convince Trevor that he needs to ask them when they will have more cookies out, and that his pregnant wife really needs one. I honestly was just thinking they would have another batch out in a few minutes, but in reality we may have waited an additional 15 minutes for them to make me my own plate of cookies... of which I ate all 5.

I may or may not have recently threatened a fellow co-worker (complete with a point at the belly and a stink eye), that I was major craving jamba juice so he should probably not challenge me as that particular gift card came up on the block at our work auction.

I am almost beginning to believe that nothing will be denied me as long as I use the belly as an excuse! Better take advantage in my remaining 10 weeks.


  1. You are hilarious, that is why we are friends. I say there isn't too often, take advantage of your pregnancy and eating what you want! Did you eat at Pizza Pie Cafe?!?

  2. HA! I'm remembering a certain time when you and I were at a buffet...not pregnant...and you made SURE to get your money worth by shoving as much food as you could in your backpack. Ahhh...those were the days. Love you!