Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Keepin it Real

#1: Trevor and I are headed to Idaho tonight to spend the rest of the week at a cabin for the Millar Family Vaca! I am really excited. It will be so nice to hang out with family, eat good food, swim in the lake. Especially because we have yet to immerse ourselves in any body of water this year. I am serious, not a swimming pool or even a bathtub. I haven't even ran hobbled through the sprinklers. So my hefty body is definitely looking to feel weightless with a good float in the lake.
Aren't we a good lookin bunch? And guess what? by November we will have three additional members to this photo! We produce like fruit flies!
***Note: only Jamie and I are expecting but in this picture Stacy was still pregnant with Carli, therefore the 3 additional members.
Picture was taken by: CallieMaePhotography

#2: I wear compression socks to keep my feet and ankles from swelling. Like a grandma. And I really like them. Wish I had some in every color.

#3: Some people are angels and they don't even know it. Yesterday I got an incredibly sweet note in the mail. I don't know who it is from, it was not signed and there was no return address. So this is my attempt at thanking whoever sent such a thoughful card, you will never know the impact you had. It was truely a blessing and an answer to prayers, thank you for being my angel.


  1. Ok you and Jaime r expecting but who is the 3rd?!

  2. April! Have you tried lemon oil in water to help with your swelling? I've heard it works wonders. Ask your mom for some and just put it in your water every time you drink. K love you! Have fun with your fam!