Friday, July 8, 2011

The New Addition To Our Family

No. Thank goodness Bridget is still in my belly.... she has a lot of growing to do in the next three months.
So who's this new addition you ask? Well since Trevor has been working in Provo and myself in Lehi, to save on gas I drive the Truck to work and he drives our red car.

I totally just realized I have never even introduced you all to Tabitha! Last November I wrote a huge sob post about how we sold my Honda, Twanda (and Jimmy) but I never let you meet Tabi our Oldsmobile Alero who replaced her, I promise we do love her.

Anyway back to the present. Trevor and I talked about it and realizing when the baby comes I will need to drive Tabitha seeing as anywhere I would put a car seat in the truck would most likely be frowned upon and would probably get me a huge ticket. Can I just interject here and say, most of us survived the 80's, heck we survived the 90's too and I totally remember running up and down the isle's of our astro van, sleeping on floor, driving on my dad's lap, making beds in the back window. In fact I don't even know if I knew what a seat belt or a car seat was for many years.

Again, back to the present. Long story now getting to the point: If Trevor drove the truck everyday to Riverton, Provo, and back to Draper we would be spending a large fortune in gas every week. We decided we should probably look into buying him a commuter car, and that's where Louis comes in!

You may notice that it is exactly the same car that we sold back in November. Yes it is a '96 Honda Accord, Twanda and Louise are... Siblings? Twins? (fraternal of course, their coloring is different, and Louis is a little more developed with automatic locks and windows).
Sorry, what was that? Why didn't we just keep Twanda? That is a very good question and I asked Trevor the same thing, he said if we kept her we would still be in the same predicament we found ourselves in anyway. And to be honest, Tabitha, the Alero we got for a steal and is a fantastic car.

But now our "driveway" looks like this: So please meet our family:
(and it's Louis as in "Louis XIV" Well actually it's Louis as in "Louis VII" This car is literally the seventh car we have owned since we have been married.) Also Trevor considers his dune-buggy a vehicle because it is "street-legal." Although when I asked him why he didn't drive that to Provo everyday then? He said a semi truck would probably blow him off the road if it passed him... point proven.

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