Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pregnancy Brain??

Here is a conversation I had with my mom a couple weeks ago:

Ape: "Hello?"
Ruthie: "Hi, April, quick Aleena (sister) is at costco and they have a blue pack 'n play. Have you taken the pack 'n play that we got you for your baby shower out of the box?"
Ape: "no, it's still in the box."
Ruthie: "Oh great! so do you want me to tell her to get the blue pack 'n play?"
Ape: "Is it cheaper?"
Ruthie: "I don't know if it's cheaper, but it's blue."
Ape: "Well do you have the receipt for the one you got at target?"
Ruthie: "Oh, I don't know, and if I don't you could only get store credit huh?"
Ape: "I am fine with store credit, but if it's not cheaper then why don't I just keep the one that I have?"
Ruthie: "It's a blue one, don't you want blue?"
Ape: "uh........ well I am having a girl so I prefer the pink one."
Ruthie: ".................Oh April, you are having a girl! I forgot, uh..... never mind."

(the amazing thing to me is that both my mom and my sister forgot I was having a girl. maybe that was some divine intervention and I really am having a boy.)


  1. Or maybe you are the middle child..either way that is sad!

  2. Just for the record, one day you might actually have a boy and not want to put him in a pink pack n play. Just a thought. But who knows, you'll probably have 4 girls in a row before that happens, so you are probably safe.

  3. huh-huh, i just see Ruthie and you during this conversation. this is just so your family!))) love you guys!

  4. For the record I didn't forget you were having a girl. The pack and play at costco was only $50 and the one that you have was $130, so yes it was blue and yes it was much cheeper. I should have just called you. Do you think I would forget something like that?!?!?! I am offended!!! :) I am so glad I read your blog so that I can defend myself against such accusations!!

  5. April...I believe you have some explaining to do with the comment above from your sister. But that's beside the point... It is a common occurrence for me that I forget what my sisters, friends, acquaintances, etc. are having. Don't judge us for our memory loss. :)