Thursday, July 14, 2011

If I Had One

If I had one complaint about my pregnancy it would be that I get some INTENSE HEARTBURN.
I would get heartburn before I was pregnant whenever I ate oatmeal. I don't know why oatmeal, I really like it.
But now, with my baby where my stomach was and my stomach in my throat I get heartburn with pretty much everything (well mostly when I eat gluten and sugar.... so pretty much everything I eat). It burns so bad that it makes my mouth salivate like I am about .2 seconds from throwing up.
But because I am an American and I love happy endings, there is one for this story (is this a story?) This stuff has to be made in heaven! 

It is a bazillion times better than tums. 
Please know that if you are one of 60 million Americans who suffer from the silent pain of heartburn, you don't have to suffer alone. There is relief available. 
But seriously, this stuff is a miracle. 


  1. i had pretty bad heartburn with D. (sometimes still randomly. but its rare) but i would go through bottles and bottles of tums (esp. at night).
    so good to know abouthtat stuff for the next pregnancy!

  2. I had it really bad too. That was one of the hardest thing towards the end. I am glad that you found something better than tums... I will remember that for sure!
    Her room by the way looks great. You are so creative! I love that about you!!