Thursday, July 28, 2011

31.5 Weeks!

The other night Trevor and I were talking to an older gentleman whom we had never met when he turned to me and said
"You are expecting a girl." (it wasn't a question)
"Yes, I am, a little girl, we are really excited."
"When it's that far along I can usually tell if it's a boy or a girl, I have never been wrong."

Now here are some important details to the story: when talking to this nice man Trevor and I were inside an LDS Temple and this man was a temple worker. 

So of course I am thinking I bet he knows it's a girl because he can see her or something. She must be here and this is an awesome spiritual experience. etc. 

So at this point I feel like I trust this guy more than the ultrasound, and am now confident that it is a girl growing in my belly. Not that I wasn't confident before this, but now I am super duper confident and really glad I kept the pink pack 'n play.

As we got up to leave a little bit later he stops us and says
"Do you want to know how I know it's a girl?"
"YES! Yes I do!" (prepping myself for him to tell me she is beautiful with blond curls and brown eyes)
"When the belly is pointy it's a boy and when it goes all the way around it's a girl."
Wah-wah. Bummer... you mean you can't see her little spirit angel standing by me?
"Oh really? That's very... interesting."
As I walk out of the room I start to think: ...Goes all the way around?! Those are my love handles! Maybe those are just the unfortunate proportions my body has.

I think he was implying that I have a basketball belly. Which... he would probably be right:

I did take this picture in the bathroom at work, don't worry it was after I washed my hands. I know, it looks a little silly with my head cocked way to the side but I was actually on my other phone with Trevor, I was trying to hide it but it just looks funny. ......Fine, yes it's true, I went to the bathroom while I was on the phone. I actually do it all the time, so lets just say if you and I have ever talked on the phone there is a good chance you were "red flagged" as we called it in college. Give me a break, when my bladder is clear, my head is clear and therefore can have a better conversation. You're Welcome.


  1. If I looked half as cute as you pregnant, I would think about doing it again sometime soon! Your belly is too cute!

  2. April...I talk on the phone in the bathroom all the time. I try to have the other person chatting away when I flush, so it's not too awkward when they ask "Are you in the bathroom?"

    Oh...and you look absolutely darling. :) :)

  3. I never commented and I should have. THis is such a funny post. Remember when I was genuinely laughing on the phone? Well I meant it..miss ya!