Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 05: favorite memories

A picture of your Favorite Memory:

Hands down my favorite memory would be my wedding day. What is not to love about being surrounded by every single person I love and becoming the wife of the most amazing man I have ever met?

It was a great day!

#2 favorite memory: (I should say memories)
When I lived in Paris.
My life felt like a movie it was so perfect.

I took this picture one Sunday morning.

Favorite Memory #3: Fall Semester 2006.

Living with Lizzy was a blast! I think the picture below sums up that entire semester, a constant adventure.

It was Halloween night and we were sitting in the kitchen polishing off a couple of bowls of taco soup as our roommates headed out to a party after hours of getting ready and wearing costumes they had spent weeks preparing. At about 9:00 I looked and Lizzy and ask if we should go out? (there were a few parties that sounded decent). she said sure and then proceeded to say "But whatever we wear I want to be pregnant." "OK," I say, because you see, random things like that just really weren't random at all when living together. At that point we walk over to my closet, pull out the 3+ boxes of costumes I have, and in a few minutes we were ready to go.

We got to the party and danced our little hearts out! We also spent a lot of time at the refreshment table as we devoured our way through free food, it was great retaliating the disgusted stares with the explanation that we were eating for two. And of course we spent ample time asking plenty of guys if they wanted to be our baby's daddy? We got a few disgusted stares there too... and we got a good laugh.

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