Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog Challenge!

I have never done a blog challenge, and to be clear, no one has challenged me to do a blog challenge. But I do what I want.

So without further ado:

Day 01: Picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

(This is an old picture, but it sums me up)
1. I always try to drink as much water as I can every day, I like when I pee clear.
2. I loved that I had a pinata instead of a wedding cake at my reception (here) & (here)
3. The two things Trevor loves when I cook are: tuna melts and Philly Cheese Steaks
4. I usually only wash my hair twice a week
5. I am a zit popper! It is so satisfying ....poor Trevor
6. I feel that peanut butter is a divine flavor
7. My favorite way to eat m&m's is to put them up on the dashboard and let them get all melty.
8. If I could have anybody's singing voice in the world I think I would want Eponine's from Les Miserables. Or Hayley Williams.
9. The only real talent I think I have is my ability to remember dates. I excelled in history, art history, and birthdays. I am almost at the rain man quality. (please do not confuse this with numbers, I am not good at math... just dates.)
10. I love my job.
11. I would move to Europe in a heartbeat.
12. Favorite Holiday: 4th of July
13. Favorite artist: John William Waterhouse
14. I wish I could be one of those people who always has perfectly polished finger nails. But about a day after I paint my fingers I start picking it all off... then it's chipped and ugly for weeks.
15. I very much enjoy talk radio. I mostly listen to Glenn Beck and Dave Ramsey. I think they are both brilliant.


  1. im a total zit popper!! i dont know why i love it so! all i know is i remember bri and liz telling me a story about you popping a MASSIVE zit from a someone at school... who will remain nameless.. haha.

  2. We must be related. I'm the same on numbers: 1,4,6,8,12,15
    And #2...didn't I make that piniata cake? why yes I did!
    Funny that you would take Eponine's voice. I never knew that about you and secretly I've wished for her voice my WHOLE life!
    It's hard to admit we're related after reading #5. I'm so disgusted with the grossness of that habit.
    Love the pic though. Why don't you wear your hair in such a way more often? It brings out your eyes and covers your large forehead. ;)

  3. Fun April! I'm excited to read and learn more about you :)

  4. Love it! Your list brings back memories. And I remember that picture was taken at a baseball game in IF :). I love talk radio as well! I miss you April!

  5. Way cute post! Oh, I also hate music on blogs and I think you are great!

  6. "And I do what I want." Love you Steed