Monday, December 21, 2009

Tradition Stealer

It's mine and Trevor's very first Christmas together, so we have had many discussions on what kind of traditions we want to have in our home. My sister Aleena and her husband Geoff have started the tradition that every time they have a new baby they make their Christmas Stocking. Well since Trev and I are the new additions to our family we decided to make our stockings as well. We went to the fabric store and picked out exactly what we want our stocking to be and came home to tackle the sewing machine.

Ruthie helped us draw up a pattern, Trev measured, I cut them out...

And we both sewed! Trev was a little nervous, but he did an excellent job!

Aren't you so proud of his very own stocking he made by himself!? His favorite part is the fur, can you tell?


  1. how fun! that is such a cute tradition!

  2. oh my goodness. you're alive. good to see an update. glad you're doing well. later.

  3. So I have to laugh--on Aleena's blog there are pictures of Geoff sewing and on yours there are pictures of Trevor. Camille had Dave helping her with the pj's she sewed for Christmas as well. It is a new generation, that is for sure! I am pretty sure my husband wouldn't be too excited about sewing projects. He does bake bread though. :-)