Monday, March 26, 2012

Curl up and Dye

Wowza we had a busy weekend. 

But first things first... I got my hair done. 
I woke up on Friday morning and couldn't handle it anymore. 

My kitchen shears were in my hands ready to take a whack at the lady mullet. You remember this monstrosity, right?

I decided that would probably be something I would regret so I called up my sister-in-law, Stacy, and told her to drop everything she was doing because this was obviously an emergency.

When I told Trevor I was going to get my hair done he asked me if I lost the 10lbs? (rats! he remembered). 
Uh, Almost. 
(it's kind of true, I only have 5 more lbs. to go.)

The real reason I wanted to loose the 10lbs. is because I really wanted to try out bangs and I was afraid if my face was still chunky it would look funny. 

I took some after pictures but for the life of me I cannot get my camera to work so you get some awesome photobooth pics. Please keep in mind this is just after I woke up I haven't brushed my hair yet.... or teeth.

It was kind of funny, I was nursing Bridge on Saturday flipping through the channels and A Walk to Remember was on and I thought, I look like Jaime Sullivan.

Hey, look who just woke up!
 And stinks really bad. 
Looks like a bath for us this morning.

 I got a phone call and Bridge took matters into her own hands. Should I be worried my 6 month old already knows how to use a computer?
 Here you go, a naked baby picture to help you get through your monday.


  1. Of course we would both do drastic things to our hair the same weekend. Kindred spirits.

    Love them bangs.

  2. Steed, you kill me. You look hot girl!

  3. love the bangs. want to eat your baby.

  4. You are too funny and I'm loving your blog!!

  5. I *love* that you put a picture of Bridget's blowout on your blog. And I am seriously lol'ing. :D