Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Ruthie

It's my Ruthie's birthday today.

Ruthie is the mom. 

Because she was born so close to the first day of spring it is rumored that her parents almost named her Spring instead of Ruth. 
She used to suggested when a new granddaughter was born that we could name her Spring, after her.
It took her a long time to love the name Ruth. 
I have always loved it, because I love her. 

She is Brilliant. 
I have never met someone who has so much desire to learn. 
But it's not just learning for learning's sake, she soaks up anything that will make her a better person, anything that will help her understand more this life.

She is beautiful and elegant.

She is wise.
Even as a teenager I realized my mom was special, mostly because I didn't have the same relationship with her as all my friends had with their moms. 
She and I never talked about who I had crushes on, she never cared to hear the drama of high school, and I never had the desire to tell her. 
Instead we talked about what we were learning. 
We were always eager to share any new and interesting concept we had grasped with each other. She desired to know any insights I had on any subject, and especially as a teenager that was profound.

She is everything good.

She is silly and fun.

She is thoughtful and generous. 

She is also by far the busiest person I have met.

She is a wonderful grandma.

A lot of people have mom's but I have a Ruthie.
And Bridget has a Grandma Ruthie.

Happy Birthday, here's to many more.


  1. I feel the exact same way, except for the part where she's my aunt instead of my mom. :) I always felt so lucky to have an Aunt Ruthie. She is one of my favorite people in the world. Tell her happy birthday for me.

  2. I feel the same way except she is my sister!! How blessed we all are to have her in our life!!

    And this post made me cry. What a sweet and wonderful daughter you are! And by the way--you look so much like her!!

  3. I know I should write a comment about how great your mom is, which is so true, she really is AMAZING..but what is the long green strand coming off of your Mexican outfit?