Thursday, March 15, 2012


Since writing THIS post about a few herbs I can't live without, I have had a few questions from people, So here is the followup.

The herbs I posted were from Natures Sunshine. If you are interested in purchasing from their website I have good news for you!
You can get the wholesale price on products if you sign up as a member all you need for that is a sponsor number:1418693 (it's my mom's number), and your first purchase has to be over $40. But other than that there are no other obligations.

I was asked about a good reference book for herbs, I recommend Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing by: James F. Balch & Phyllis A. Balch
It's like a textbook, it has it all.

For those who may not know I thought I would give a little background on how I got into herbs. 
It wasn't me, it was my family. 
My mother & sister co-owned an herb store. 
My mother is an emotional release facilitator and my sister is an Iridologist. 
Basically Ruthie takes care of the emotional side and Aleena has the physical side covered.
I just worked in the herb shop in high school. I honestly don't know much but I have some pretty good references on my speed dial.

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