Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birthday wish list

Apparently my ability to take pictures is directly related to the charge in my iPhone.... and thievery.

I stole my mom's DSLR Cannon camera for a while. 
For some reason she wanted it back.

But now I don't take as many pictures. Yes I have a point and shoot but the downfall of point and shoot is the time it takes it to realize I have hit the "take the picture"button. 
That is crucial time with a 5 month old, every picture I have is blurry. Oh just not cute.

My birthday is next month.
Trevor, this is all I want:
Or I'll take a Nikon. I'm not picky.

If any of you know about cameras I would love some advice. 


  1. i don't know much about cameras but i'll tell you that i love my nikon d50. it's not much, and of course i envy nicer ones, but it takes good pictures. i got mine from my parents back in college but i've seen the same camera on craigslist for like $200-$400 used (some are even cheaper that are only selling the body...which is great, cause you don't want the crappy kit lens anyways). ridiculously cheap. a cheap used camera body with a new 50mm 1.8 lens from amazon for $100 and you're set! good luck! it's addicting :)

  2. Go to a camera store and hold different ones you are thinking about. I thought I was dead set on a Canon, but compared the Nikon and liked the feel of the Nikon. They had all of the same features and the Nikon was almost $200 cheaper. Costco's cameras keep going lower and lower in price, you really can't beat the bundle packs that they offer.

    Good luck, can't wait to see what you get!

  3. That is the type of camera I have so I am partial to it. I wouldn't have minded one a little less expensive though and one that was a bit more automatic so I didn't need to change lenses. I think Camille is the Nikon and loves it.

    At any rate . . . Happy Birthday!! I hope you get your birthday wish.