Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weird Weather

Because of the recent snow storm and chilly air it has made me feel gloriously happy for the sunshine we have had.
I will be first to admit that it has been a strange winter. 
Very mild. 
Oh no, I am not complaining. 

It was about a week ago when I took Bridget on the first walk when she wasn't confined to her car seat attached to the stroller. 
The first walk where she got to see more than just the sky.

I have never seen a more intensely interested face. She kept staring at each new thing then looking back up at me as if to say "Have you seen these, what you call trees???"

We sat on the grass for awhile drinking in the sun. 
She lunged twice trying to "get" her shadow coming away not with the dark moving figure but with handfuls of grass, which would be enough to distract even Peter Pan
Transferring the blades from one hand to the other it was hardly a split second before they were stuffed inside her mouth. 

The new flavors didn't stop with nature, 
the stroller straps turned out to be pretty tasty too.


  1. I LOVE how EVERYTHING is NEW to them!! I can tell Reg and Linc almost anything and it is completely FASCINATING because they are literally hearing it for the first time. AMAZING. It helps us BUSY people remember to APPRECIATE.
    (enough with the caps, but you get me idea, lol)

  2. ps thanks for removing the comment handicap :)