Friday, March 9, 2012

A Single Parent

The last few days have taught me I could never be a single parent and I have great respect and sympathy for those who are. 

The day Trevor left for his trip I came down with the flu. 
No big deal the flu is easy to handle: take my vitamins, drink lots of fluids, and get plenty of rest. 

Did I somehow forget Bridget in that equation? 
I quickly realized there would be no sleeping in bed all day.
However, she did take an exceptional morning nap which I participated in so I thank her for that.

As the afternoon progressed I started to go down hill: with a pounding head, the chills, and every part of my body aching, even my teeth. Whenever I move I can hear the whooshing of blood throbbing in my ears.

I have a heavy flow from my nose but seeing as it is already chapped, I started shoving toilet paper up it to catch the ooze (don't pretend you haven't done that in your life). 

Bridge is fascinated by this new thing coming out of mommy's nose and created a new game of grabbing the toilet paper and ripping out the self made snot damn. She has gotten really fast, and particularly in my current state I can't keep up.

But perhaps the worst was when all I wanted was a relaxing bath to drive away the aches and chills. Well, seeing as there was no one else to take care of the little lady while I took my bath I figured it would be great if we took a bath together. 

She has recently figured out how to splash, so fun. 

But the best part was when she got to see her "food" in a setting other than when she's eating and got excited and gave me, for lack of a better word, "titty twisters."
Needless to say, my bath was not as relaxing as I had hoped. 

So all of that and then add on top having to work to support the family to be a single parent?
I know could not do it. 

It's still a few days until Trevor comes home... I cannot wait. 


  1. The twister thing made me laugh. Charlotte has done the same to me. One time we were showering together and she kept trying to lean forward and latch on. It was quite hilarious...hope that wasn't TMI!

  2. hahah yeah thats the best. carli does that too. she will do it to bj every once in awhile. its so awkward but you do just have to laugh because they don't know any better!

  3. AAAHHHH!!! That is so hard! I too had a simular experince When me nugget was born. Gian was gone for 14-16 hours a day for the first 8 weeks of Ekemona's life. I cried and cried and cried. I eventually went up to ID to go stay with my sister since she was the only person willing to help me. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and it set me into a form of depression. Now looking back on it, it is still hard and Gian and I realize how much of Ekemona's life he really missed out on in those new born days. And we plan on making different sacrifices so that doesn't happen again.

    I am totally with you in all your feelings. And I am so sorry you have been sick. It is sooooooooooo hard! Especially because our children are so dependent on us and we have to endure and truck along to still meet their needs. Is it mean if I say I am glad I wasn't the only one who felt this same way? However if there is anything I can do to help I would love to!!! Ekemona is a ladies man and I know he would love having a girlfriend over and showing her all his awesome toys!

    And I am dead serious when I say please ask me for anything. Because when Ekemona was so young and new I needed help and I had no one to go to... NO ONE!!! And it was so hard! I pledged to myself that no one would ever feel that way if I could help it. So please let me know! So know I'm not just saying that... that I know what it feels like because I have been there too so you SHOULD and HAVE to ask me for anything... OK?!?!