Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things I can't live without

When it comes to everyday Baby health there are a few things that I have found I can't live without. 

I don't want / can't take Bridget to the doctor every time she gets a sniffle or a cough. 
So I wanted to share with you a few things that I use on a regular basis to help keep my Bridgey healthy and strong. 

All of these products are from Natures Sunshine: website here

#1 Catnip & Fennel

Have you ever been to a Indian restaurant and at the end of the meal they give you a seed mixture? That has fennel seeds in it. Fennel helps with digestion.
I especially used this her first few months, it really helps to soothe the belly. When she was colic-y this stuff was my lifesaver. I still use it, she really likes the taste and it's mild so she can have as much as she wants. 
I dab it on her binky and she sucks it right off. 

#2  VS-C
I use VS-C to help build Bridget's immune system. 
Just like the catnip I dab this on her binky, and just like catnip it's mild and she can have as much as she wants.
Any time it seems like she is starting to come down with something I start giving her this and it helps to head off any ailment.

#3 Silver Shield

I use both the silver shield liquid & the gel. 
The Gel, for any diaper rash or topical issue. 
With the liquid I get an eye dropper and fill it 1/4 to 1/2 way full and squirt it in her mouth, 1 or 2 times a day when she is sick.
This also supports the immune system and is awesome with any bacterial sicknesses. 
I like Natures Sunshine with silver shield specifically because they make it so the silver particles are small enough that even children can digest it. 
I also use Silver Shield for ear aches. When Bridget starts to pull on her ears I drop a couple drops into her ear (and try to get her to stay on her side for about 5 minutes so it can get down in there.) within a couple days she always stops pulling on her ears.

So there you are, just a few things that have helped keep us out of the doctors office.


  1. Ok - so now that Hailey takes the binky...I started giving her the nip & she loves it! Best part is (I don't know that it's just the oils or not but) she hadn't pooped in a few days & was really gassy. I don't know if it was an eating habit change for me or the catnip but the girl has been letting them rip & pooped twice yesterday & 4 times today! The girl cleaned the pipes! I may have to get some more from you - that is if you're a member or if you buy in bulk (due to all the other stuff you get). :-) Loves you!! Thanks for the help!!

  2. Have you used Essential Oils? I love my oils for my bebes.