Monday, February 27, 2012

Nothing like a good workout.

We got a gym membership with free childcare. Therefore, I have no excuses.

Besides, they have classes and I really like classes. 

I went to a step aerobics class, a few things I noticed:

1. There are a lot of people working out in the middle of the day. Especially men 20-30-years-old. Do they not have jobs? Someone needs to tell them that they may initially attract women by their muscles but most ladies don't stick around when that's all there is.

2. I was the only one who could not for the life of me remember the combinations. 
Even the lady next to me who was roughly 7 months pregnant had the "ball-change, box-step, knee-lift, bow'n-arrow, elvis-leg, fairy-fly, repeat" down.

3. This wasn't even zumba and I'm having this much trouble.

4. The class was taught by a woman who was probably 55, with a rockin bod. Who knows, she could be older? Or perhaps younger deducing from her well tanned skin in the month of February. She kept looking at me with a hopeless expression... does that mean I will never have a body as rockin as hers? 

5. The combination that she kept repeating loudly "this is the easiest one" I always seemed to be up when everyone was down. Then this popped into my head:

I may have looked worse. 
But bless my own heart, I'm going to keep going back until I get the dang elvis-leg, fairy-fly down!


  1. That video gave me a good laugh. I can't imagine you being as out of rhythm as you say you are. However, children do seem to do weird things to our bodies ;). And good for you for going to the gym! Love your blog!

  2. Ask the teacher for some NKOTB and show the class your body roll.

  3. I bet you could join in the yoga workout at xango. No one would even notice.

    I just made myself laugh out loud.