Monday, February 6, 2012

What goes on in a baby's mind?

This past weekend we went to Idaho to visit Nana and Bumpa. 

Bridget got to spend some more time with her cousin. Here is a conversation between babies:

Hailey: "She's touching me!"
Bridget: "Nah uh, I'm just being nice. See."

Bridget: "Look, Hailey, the next three weeks are kind of rough. I know, I've lived through it. Sleep training, teeth, blowouts, the list goes on. But don't worry I'm here for you."

Bridget: "Nice talk. High five."

Bridget: "Now hold my hand."

A little while later....

Bridget: "Hey, Hailey, I know you're praying but I have a secret to tell you."

Bridget: "What?! I wasn't doing anything!!!"

Do you think we take too many pictures?


  1. Cuteness overload! I am so jealous of you that you have those adorable babies in your life! Loved the pictures and the translations. ;)