Friday, February 24, 2012

Why do I blog?

I was thinking about it the other day.

Why do I blog?

I don't have the excuse that I am doing it to keep people updated.
The main people who would care; namely grandmothers, don't often read my blog.
Actually I don't think many of my family read my blog.
In fact Trevor rarely reads it, only when I tell him to. Although he does link it to his facebook which is nice. (But I've kind of taken that over too.)

I don't consider this my journal, although it is great to have a record of everything I have posted.

It may be a vain thing.... I really do enjoy when people tell me they read my blog.

But then I was realizing, I look at life differently since I started blogging.

I notice more details.

How ever ridiculous the phrase "blog about it"is, it's absolutely true.

I go through my day and I will have thoughts that were once just passing thoughts that I would never have remembered again. But now I don't let the fleeting thoughts (or moments) whisk away, I give them attention. And sometimes they end up on here, shared with the whole of the inter-galactic web world.

I feel as though I am more aware of my life and I live it more fully...because I blog.

I actually think more...because I blog.

I take way more pictures....because I blog.

I blog because I love to live my life.


  1. I print mine into a book each year. Then I don't have to do a scrapbook! I love looking back through the books that I've already had printed, they make me happy!! ;)

  2. This is exactly my feelings on blogging. I still write in my own personal journal about the day to day living and trips etc. I am so GLAD you blog. I love reading it.

  3. Geeze. Cutest family photo ever.

  4. Steed. Let's be real. I love your blog, really. But it just needs a little something to "snazz" it up a bit. Here are my suggestions:
    1) You need to have more pictures. I suggest hiring a photographer to follow you around and snap "candid" pics. I mean, how else are we to know you've been to the grocery store if there are no pictures to document said trip.
    2) Shameless self-promotion. I mean, seriously. You made some really incredible curtains but never once did you talk about your amazing skill as a seamstress. Also, you've never mentioned how you're already teaching Bridgie French.
    3) Your blog could use a healthy dose of ads geared toward your readership. I suggest "dropping" some names of local businesses into your posts. Who knows you might get a free cupcake out of the deal?
    Seriously. Love your blog. Love seeing what you're up to.

  5. I just found your blog! I haven't talked to you in like 3 years, but I'm glad I found you. =) Our baby girls are only a week apart in age so it's fun to see their little similarities. Scarlett's hands are ticklish, too. Have you rubbed them on Trevor's stubble? It'll probably make her crazy!

  6. You make me feel less guilty for blogging! Thank you for putting it all into perspective; I now have a legit excuse to spend my day on the computer! Btw, play date for the babes?

  7. AMEN sista!

    (I really love commenting, but I'd love it even more without the proving I'm not a robot part :) ) I think you can change the handicap in settings :)