Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life According to Bridget

Hi. Bridget here.

I have a bone to pick.

I would like to address the most commonly discussed subject in my presence. 

My thighs.

But seriously! 
Many times people don't even care to know my name, or my age, heck sometimes they don't even know I'm a girl before they make a comment about my legs.

Sure, my legs might have a few more rolls than the next baby but can they do THIS!?!

Yeah, that's the splits.

You want to see it again??

So this is for all of you that have even thought: plump, chubby, or rolly, when looking at me.
This is especially to the man who walked by in the grocery store grabbed my thighs and laughed "BABY LEGS!" not once, but three times! 
(head shake)

Now that I have proven myself, you will excuse me.... It's dinner time.


  1. I mean seriously. You guys have the cutest baby. I don't think I could resist squeezing those thighs once either! She's a total doll!

  2. Yep-Hailey knows that feeling! She has started doing the hurdler as I call it. I don't think she has the splits down like Bridget. She lets out a ok guys I'm a little uncomfortable here with one leg forward & one back. Dawnley never did that. Must be a cousin thing.:-)

  3. So cute!! Those pictures are great! And I am very impressed at her doing the splits. Also, I love your new blog design. And I especially love the picture on the side bar with the blog name on it. Very artsy.

  4. Dear Bridge,

    I'd like to formally apologize for squishing not only your thighs, but also your arm fat multiple times. I'd also like to apologize for clenching my teeth like a rabid animal while I did it. I just couldn't resist. You are just one of the most deliciously chubby and adorable babies I have ever seen. The truth is I make no promises that I'll be able to resist the next time I see you. In fact, let's get real here, I can pretty much guarantee it will happen again, possibly even for years to come. Just know it's out of love and absolute adoration!


  5. Hahaha... sorry, but I have to laugh. We get that CONSTANTLY but it's Camden's head that gets the attention. My favorite is when someone says, "No wonder you've had such a difficult recovery, look at that head!" I then like to remind them that it didn't come out that size. Now I just find it funny. I think he's cute :) And Bridget is adorable!!! Let's face it, babies with chunk are just way cuter.