Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just a few things

#1. and most important.
Today is the last day to enter my GIVEAWAY.
Remember you have to be a follower of my blog AND leave a comment on the giveaway post to be eligible to win.

#2. Do you like my new blog title and header?

#3. It's amazing how quickly I can go from feeling like a great mom to the worst mom in the world.
Last Friday we played outside, Bridge got to try out the swing for the first time and loved it!
Totally relaxed.
It wasn't too hot but it was a nice day. I do not know how I didn't realize her skin is brand new and has never been exposed to any of the elements......... She got sunburned.
Pretty bad.
Luckily I had some lavender and pretty much bathed her in it.
But today her little nose is peeling.
Oh man I feel so bad.

#4. My sister gave me a big box of shoes for Bridget.
I think it's safe to say, she is a shoe girl.

#5. I got a new thermometer from Costco online.
I am so excited about it, it's so much easier to take her temperature.
I could never get a good reading from her armpit and I never dared going for a rectal read.
Annnnd It only cost me $26 bucks! I love Costco.


  1. I DO love you're new title! Let's face it-Trev was not a big contributor.:-) Sorry Bridge has a burn AND is peeling for the first time! Not a first any mom wants. Totally understand the best to worst mon! I'm still amazed that it can happen in a matter of seconds. I do like going from worst o best. Sometimes understanding just kicks in & my patience goes up. :-) Love reading your words of wisdom & enlightenment.:-)

  2. LOVE the new header. :) And I'll be "tagging" soon enough.